My work arises from a process in which I organize existing objects. These are objects that appeal to me on an aesthetic level through shape, color and / or personal association. I usually get the objects from waste, attics and thrift shops. They are cast-offs from a mass consumer society. And they are often bright in color and would normally not be immediately recognized as interesting objects in the setting of a dusty attic room. However, there is a connection to be discovered when I bring them together. This coherence can be found in an overarching order created by the colors.


Work experience

2021 РDocent Beeldende Vorming @Dockinga College vmbo-VAKschool 
2021 – Afstudeerstage beeldend/project @Terra VO Winsum.
2020 – Bovenbouwstage CKV @Montessori lyceum.
2019 – Keuzestage afdeling educatie @Groninger museum.
2019 – Workshop textiel @Kunstweek Texel.
2018 – Onderbouwstage beeldende vakken @Harens lyceum.
2018 – Workshop bouwen met hout @Preadinius gymnasium.


2021 РDETOUR Minerva Graduation Show, Suikerfabriek Groningen 
2020 – Disco Dip, BijVrijdag Groningen.
2019 – CROSS ROADS, Paviljoen Ring Zuid Groningen.
2019 – Kapot Goed, Minerva Groningen.


2017 – 2021 Academie Minerva, Bachelor fine arts and design in education.
2016 – 2017 Academie Minerva, propedeuse design.
2011 – 2016 Noorderpoort college, MBO Art&design.